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About admission

  • What are the visiting hours in the park?

    It will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Is the exhibition area outdoor or indoors?

    All exhibition areas are outdoors.

  • Can I re-enter the park?

    Re-entry is only possible on the same day.Please inform the staff at the entrance.

  • If I want to call people to gather, can I have a broadcast broadcast inside the park?

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not have broadcasting equipment in the exhibit zone, so we are unable to broadcast broadcasts.note that.

  • I would like you to guide me around the park.

    As shown below, we are offering free guided tours at limited times and zones, so please join us.
    ⒶCourse: We will depart at 11:30 and will guide you through the Modern Japan Zone, America Zone, and Egypt Zone.
    Course Ⓑ: We will depart at 14:XNUMX and will guide you through the European zone.

  • Do guided tours require reservations?

    No reservation required.Please arrive at the meeting point by the tour start time.

  • Is there a fee for taking group photos?

    There is no charge for taking photos.Additionally, there is no exclusive photographer for Tobu World Square.

  • I would like to stop by just to do some shopping.

    An admission ticket is required even if you are only shopping or eating.Please purchase an admission ticket.

  • I am planning to enter the kindergarten.Will I need a reservation?

    Please make a reservation for groups of 15 or more people.Please apply using the group application form.


Questions regarding facilities, business hours, etc.

  • Are there ATMs and currency exchange machines?

    ATM (Seven Bank) available.There is no foreign currency exchange machine.

  • Do you have umbrellas available to rent?

    There are no rental umbrellas.It is sold at the store.

  • Can I bring my own lunch?

    Please do not bring them into the park.

  • Are there any regular holidays?

    Please check our website in advance for business hours.

  • Can I enter the park with my pet?

    We offer "WORLDog! Friendly" where you can walk around the park with small to large dogs on leashes (with some exceptions). For more information Click here for more information.Please refer to the. The number of paid rental pet buggies is limited. Also, we cannot take care of dogs.

  • Are there coin lockers?

    There are large coin lockers that can fit medium-sized and carry cases. (charged)

  • Do you have wheelchair rentals?

    We lend a self-propelled wheelchair free of charge.

  • Where are the restrooms?

    Located in the Welcome Square, exhibition zones (Egypt zone, Asia zone, Japan zone), and parking lot.All locations are wheelchair accessible.

  • Do you have an AED installed?

    It is located in the information section.

  • Is there a place to rest if I feel unwell?

    We have a first aid/baby room in Mercado II, a shop in Welcome Square, with a bed.Please inquire at the information desk when using the facility.

  • Where is the "Convention House"?

    "Convention House" is located near the Asia Zone.If you are coming straight to the Convention House from Welcome Square, please go through the entrance gate and proceed to the left.It's about a 5 minute walk from the parking lot.

  • How many people can use the "Convention House"?

    The first floor can accommodate up to 1 people, and the second floor can accommodate up to 150 people.

  • Please tell me about the seat allocation at the "Convention House".

    We will prepare seats for the number of people by class or car number.Please note that you cannot specify the table or seat arrangement.

  • Can I use the "Convention House" for purposes other than dining?

    Venue usage fees will be charged for use as a venue for events, etc.

    1th floor venue 2th floor venue 1st and 2nd floor venue
    Up to 150 people (2 hours) Up to 100 people (2 hours) Up to 250 people (2 hours)
    75,000Yen 50,000Yen 120,000Yen


About fees

  • Is there a silver discount?

    There is no silver discount.

  • Can I use credit card?

    Tobu Card, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, and UnionPay are accepted.

  • Can I use electronic money?

    Transportation electronic money, "PayPay", "d payment", "ALIPAY", and "WeChat Pay" can be used at ticket booths, shops, and restaurants. (excluding some)


About the exhibits

  • Do you have rides?

    There are no rides.


About group use

  • We are planning to have elementary school students guide us through the park.

    If you plan to do so, please let us know in the ``Do you want students to guide you through the park?'' section of the application form.Reservations are required.

  • Can I reserve the dining venue for more than the specified time?

    Please contact us each time as it depends on the reservation status on the day.



  • Is it possible to do live streaming or live streaming inside the park?

    LIVE streaming and live streaming are strictly prohibited.

  • I would like to record a video to post on a video site. Is this possible?

    Please contact us by email in advance.We will confirm whether or not to shoot after confirming the content and date of the shoot.
    Please note that depending on the content, we may refuse to take pictures.
    In addition, unauthorized photography without prior permission is strictly prohibited.

  • Where is the nearest medical institution?

    Dokkyo Medical University Nikko Medical Center is approximately 20 minutes away by car.